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  • How to Legally Get Free Architectural Design Software

    If you are looking for free architectural design software, there are a few different ways that you can find and download a free copy.

    Completely Free Architectural Design Software

    free architectural design software free versionThere are some architectural design software’s that are completely free and were made to be free. Many of these software programs are called shareware or freeware.

    Shareware is software that is made available for users to try out and then they are able to pay for it if they like it. Often times shareware software will have a nag screen that will come up prompting its users to pay for it.

    Freeware or open source software is available for individuals to use free of charge with no limitation on features. One such free architectural design software is 3D Home Design by LiveCAD.

    3D Home Design has all of the features of an expensive commercial program, but is offered completely free for Windows users.

    Free Architectural Design Software Trials

    By visiting commercial architectural design software websites, you can find free trials for instant download. Free trials are available with several different restrictions on their usage depending upon the software company that is offering them.It really is up to the software companies on how restrictive they want to be with their free architectural design software free trial

    You will find some with absolutely no restrictions on features at all, just a certain time that you can use them, such as 30 days. Others will limit the features that you can use, with no restrictions on the amount of time, and yet others will combine parts of both of these.

    Some commercial architectural design software that is available in free trial versions are Chief Architect Home Design Software, Autodesk Revit Architecture, Home Designer Pro and ArchiCAD.

    Free Architectural Design Software for Students

    The last method of obtaining free architectural design software is through educational programs meant for college and university students. Various software providers have a special program for students and educators where they can use the software they produce for free as long as they are affiliated with an approved school.

    Many times these education programs will also include free video training in the form of tutorials, as well as fun contests and a community of peers. It is usually simple to sign up for them through the software providers website, requiring the standard application form consisting of name, address, email and where you are attending classes.

    Some of the more major software companies may require each user to send proof of their school attendance in the form of a copy of ones student ID or by using a school issued .edu email address. But not all of them have such requirements and are very easy to sign up architectural design software graphisoft

    Some architectural design software companies that have an education program like this are Graphisoft, makers of ArchiCAD and Autodesk, makers of AutoCAD.

    If a software company does not offer totally free architectural design software, they many offer a substantial discount for students instead.

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